17 awesome knitting projects to finally use all that scrap yarn

Often, when people get finished with a project, they have just a little bit of yarn left. The leftover gets tucked into a bag or stashed into a storage spot and forgotten. Eventually, though, the leftovers grow until they demand attention.
Rather than giving them away or – worse yet – throwing them away, check out what avid knitters have come up with for using up the leftovers. Everything from scarves to blankets to wall decorations to little stuffed animals can be made, so pull out your needles and start using up the scraps.
1. Linen stitch scarf by Cozy Made Things following Sarah Core's pattern on Ravelry
Because the colors run together in this colorful scarf, the lengths of yarn are not important. It's perfect for using up the scraps. The pattern is free on Ravelry; you may need to have an account to access the pattern.
2. Log cabin free knitting pattern by January One
If you like squares, maybe the log cabin pattern is for you. You can make the block as large as you want. If you want to make a blanket, create several blocks and stitch them together. A single block can transform into a pillow.
3. Knitted swatch wall art by The Sweatshop of Love
Nobody says knitting only has to be done only for clothes or blankets. Using a few decorative stitches gets you some beautiful art to hang on your walls.
4. Color block mittens by blackoutwell via Etsy
Everyone knows that if you want to keep your hands warm in the winter, mittens are the best. Wool mittens are even better. With blackoutwell's pattern, you can knit custom mittens to reflect the personality of everyone you know.
5. Domino knitting blanket by Cauchy Complete with free pattern by Shelly Kang
Most people don't think of making an entire blanket out of scraps, but Shelly Kang's pattern puts domino knitting to work forming a great blanket out of scraps of yarn. It's bright and colorful and certain to bright any room.
6. Missoni scarf's with free knitting pattern by Great Balls of Yarn's Knitty Gritty
The Missoni scarf is another effective way to use scraps. When making this scarf, be sure to use scraps that are all the same weight; otherwise, the scarf may have a ripply look.
7. The Beekeeper's Quilt" by Tiny Owl Knits with pattern sold by Ravelry
If you tend to get easily bored with a project, the Beekeeper's Quilt may be the one for you. As you have scraps left over, simply form the little hexipuff and put it away for the final quilt. Once you have enough completed, you can join them together for a unique look.
8. Stripped scrap yarn blanket's free knitting pattern by Pearls And Scissors
If you have a lot of scrap yarn that is in the same color family, making a striped blanket out of it is the solution to use it up. Because the pattern is made of straight lines, it's a simpler project to make.
9. Scrap Happy Scarf free knitting pattern by Laughing Purple Goldfish
The Scrap Happy Scarf includes some fringes and fun colors. Its creator notes you might want to use a circular needle for knitting the scarf.
10. Pretty twisted bracelets' free knitting pattern by Cat Wong via Ravelry
Perfect for using up scraps, bracelets can be made with yarn leftovers and miscellaneous buttons. Each bracelet can have its own unique look.
11. Itty-Bitty Little Bit Hat free knitting pattern by Coldwater Yarn
Little ones can get away with wearing a multitude of colors that adults may get looked askance at for. Little ones also need to wear hats when going outside because they don't usually have a lot of hair to keep in the heat. Small hats are an efficient way to use up leftover yarn.
12. Excavation scrap yarn blanket by HipKnitizer with free pattern available via Ravelry
To get rid of extra sock yarn, try the Excavation blanket pattern. You only need to use the garter stitch to complete this blanket.
13. Bunny nuggets by Rebecca Danger with free knitting pattern on Ravelry
Whether Easter, spring or the holidays are approaching, a whimsical way to use up yarn scraps is to knit everyone a bunny nugget. In order to access some of the patterns on Ravelry (even some free ones), you need to create an account.
14. Treasure pouch free knitting pattern by Resilient Knitter
If you have little ones, you know that they love to find treasures and put them in bags to carry around. With Resilient Knitter's pattern, you can make your children as many pouches as they need to carry all the wonderful things they find.
15. Seashell scrap yarn blanket by Charan Sachar with pattern available for sale at Ravelry
This blanket uses up all scrap sock yarn and is bright and cheery.
16. Knitted scrubbie by Wishing I Was Knitting at the Lake following 1870 Pearl's free pattern
These little wonders are called tribbles. They are best made with leftover cotton yarn and work well for washing dishes or as a washcloth. Once you make one, it tends to multiply, just like tribbles.
17. Cadence Shawlette free knitting pattern by Emily Straw via Ravelry
If you have enough leftovers, you can create the Cadence Shawlette. Emily Straw states that the pattern is her first, so if you find errors you should be sure to let her know.
Rather than dumping scrap yarn or letting it sit forever untouched in a closet, grab some needles, a pattern and start stitching. Who knows what you'll end up with?

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